The Blog

Up till I was 21, my memory was fine. I found it surprising and alarming that some of my friends could have memory gaps from their night-outs. Now, I keep making that blank face whenever someone mentions any episode following 2008. I know who or what to blame. I can make it better certainly and I will since memory is essential to any sign of intelligence. But before you believe this is a blog to showcase my recovery, it is not.

My blog has one major intention. That of not forgetting. Taking that approach, it may come to happen that it is not the least interesting or that some posts have made reference to something you partook. In order to avoid both these things, the blog will take the form of biographical fiction. Anything foretold is of fiction yet inspired by true events. Enough for not forgetting, and not putting friends and foes in jeopardy.

The second intention of this blog is to create awareness. Given my passion for global health and the environment, I will use my blog to put some pressing topics forward in my “ponder” section. It could be an article I found poignant or a piece that I have written myself to highlight something personal.

Moreover, I intend to use this medium to promote myself as language teacher, as translator, and as writer and photographer in the making.


The Author

Nicolas was born at Odense University Hospital on October 16th 1987, to a Danish mother and Mexican father. His birth was coupled with major complications that would leave him scarred for life, literally.

Nicolas was the youngest of three. Up to the age of 15, Nicolas and his two brothers, Raphael and Roberto, crusaded with their parents from country to country. Forming new relationships, learning new languages and cultures. In that time frame, Nicolas had lived in six different cities around five different countries. At the age of five, he was already learning his third language in the lands where Crème Chantilly comes from, and where A View to a Kill was filmed. This would throw him in the French school system for years to come.

Nicolas detached from his parents in mid 2003, after two gruesome years attending the French Lycee in London. He was sent to boarding school in Nyborg, Denmark. To which, for quite some time, he attributed those three years as the best of his life.

After finally graduating from his bachelor’s degree (not that he took his time, he just could not bear it), Nicolas moved to Vietnam to save the world. He did not, nor did he save Vietnam, nor did he try. He found himself working in sales and marketing, making the nouveau riche live a bit more stylishly. There was one job he did feel proud of, and claims that thanks to combined efforts he might have taken part in saving something. He enjoyed his time in Hanoi, and he made sure to explore a great part of Asia, making Myanmar his, to-date, favourite destination.

At the end of 2010, a little “What happened to me saving the world?” brought Nicolas all the way back to Mexico. Ten years had passed since he had left. Visits of once every two years, and rarely any news, were not enough for making his return an easy welcome home. It did not take long before he packed up his bags and took off to South America with a teaching certificate under his arm.

After six months in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, Nicolas found himself at his brother’s wedding in Mexico. Who knows what happened, but he decided to give Mexico a chance. He was an English teacher by sunrise. By sunset, he was a public servant working to protect the Mexican people from sanitary risks. Further along 2012, He continued his teaching but worked as a research assistant in the field of sexual and reproductive health (SRH). His time as a researcher gave him the confidence to embark in a career surrounding public health.

In 2013, Nicolas moved to Copenhagen to start his Master’s in Global Health. He would come to be known as the SRH guy. He liked being known for something. Tell the truth, they were all known for something. Every student came from a different background. There was the nutritionist, the dentist, the nurse, the anthropologist, the ass-licker, the drunk, the drama-queen, the bff, the woman-hater, the mum, the know-it-all, the shake-dat-booty, etc. It kept him on his path of saving the world from STDs, maternal mortality, and unwanted pregnancies. He made sure his internship was all just about that. He had never dreamed of setting foot in Sub-Saharan Africa. That is why he moved to Nairobi, to enrich his perspective. Little did he know that he was about to embark on the six most exciting months of his life.

The years of 2014 and 2015 were not easy. It was a period where Nicolas’s brother was fighting cancer, surviving it, regressing into it, dying from it, and finally resting from it. After his brother’s death on January 12th, things were a bit of a standstill for Nicolas. Roberto did not think twice. He quit his job, and packed up his 30-litre rucksack for his adventure in South-East Asia. He told Nicolas to join him as soon as possible. The null progress on his thesis brought Nicolas to Indonesia in September. By that time, their friend, and Roberto’s travel partner, had already joined their diseased brother.

The trip to Indonesia, served Nicolas well. Once back in Mexico, it did not take him long to complete his thesis. In March 2016, he got his Master’s degree, and by October, he was working at the EMA in London. In between, he was partying like a rock star at every Danish music festival, but also aiming for his dream job in Health Architecture.

Nicolas was not really looking forward to his new life in London, given his previous experience as a kid. It was not until March 2017, that London had become his second home. Nonetheless, at the back of his head he was quite aware that it was not the place to be at that given moment. He opted for a new adventure.

In February 2018, Nicolas moved to Brazil. One month of carnival, and two months of travel and living it, left him fascinated with the Brazilian culture and people. Unfortunately, his visa would not allow him to stay longer.

Nicolas now finds himself exiled in Uruguay where tranquillity, patience, and necessity gave birth to this blog, as well as the pseudonym – Fleming.

Nicolas always claimed that if he were to have a son he would name him Fleming. None of his partners ever approved of this name in hypothetical situations. That being said, Fleming is the name given to the main character in his past and present tales.